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User Space NFS and 9P File Server

Welcome to the NFS-Ganesha Project.

The nfs-ganesha project is developing Open Source solutions for NFS and 9P based file servers. The development of nfs-ganesha started at CEA, Paris, France as a solution to providing NFS access to their tape archive library. It has grown into a full featured file server that supports NFSv3, NFSv4.0, NFSv4.1, and NFSv4.2. We have even thrown in 9P protocol support.


NFS-Ganesha V4.0 is now available. Check out the nfs-ganesha project page for more details details including the Release Status.

Our active projects and their source repositories

We currently manage several inter-related projects,


Nfs-ganesha is the main file server project. It supports both the NFS and 9P protocols. The NFS support includes NFSv3 with integrated NLM (lock manager) and MNT (mountd) services. It also supports NFSv4 including pNFS (v4.1) and a subset of V4.2 commands. For further information, check the nfs-ganesha wiki. The source code can be found in the git repository.

The issue tracker here is the best place to bring issues to our attention however, if you have patches to submit, we use GerritHub for that, please see src/CONTRIBUTING_HOWTO.txt for code contributions.


This project has not been worked on in quite some time and is not currently tested or supported

Mooshika is a relatively new project that provides an RDMA abstraction layer for protocol transport. It does not yet have a wiki but the source code can be found in the git repository.


Libntirpc is a significant extension of the Sun tirpc library. It supports full-duplex RPC over UDP/TCP. Its source code is in the git repository.

The issue tracker here is the best place to bring issues with ntirpc itself. Code submissions are accepted by pull request.


nfs-ganesha-debian contains the packaging files for building packages for Debian and Ubuntu. Its source code is in the git repository.

The source for this page is in the git repository.

Getting Started

Each project is manages separately at this point. The first place to go is to our IRC channel and ask questions. You can also explore the old email archive on Sourceforge and the new mail archive.


Conveniences packages are provided for several popular Linux distributions:

SourceForge site

The nfs-ganesha project started at SourceForge. There is a repository at nfs-ganesha at SourceForge however it has not been updated in years and should be considered dead.

Authors and Contributors

Philippe Deniel and Thomas Leibovici of CEA are the original authors. Since then, the contributor list has grown to include developers from IBM, Red Hat, Panasas, LinuxBox, as well as a number of individuals.

Contact Us

You can find most of us on Libera.Chat IRC, channel #ganesha. Our email archive and listserv is at Ganesha NFS Lists and